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Education Standards Institute is a Melbourne-based education think-tank dedicated to promoting excellence in education. Founded in 2008 by Dr. Kevin Donnelly, ESI is committed to fostering an education system that upholds standards, equity, diversity, and choice. Our values are rooted in the principles of liberty, democracy, an open and free society, and a commitment to Christian beliefs and values.

Our Vision and Purpose

We advocate for a liberal view of education, one that encompasses truth, rationality, civility, morality, and humility. While recognizing the importance of practical and utilitarian aspects of education, we believe in nurturing a well-rounded approach that extends beyond mere skills and knowledge. Our mission is to shape and respond to government policy, inform the public about educational issues, stimulate debate on effective ways to strengthen Australia’s education system, and foster collaboration with like-minded think-tanks nationally and internationally.

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A Critical Perspective on Education Reform

ESI offers a critical perspective on the Australian Labor Government’s education revolution, which has been implemented since 2007. While embracing the rhetoric of high standards, diversity, and choice, we highlight the highly centralized and statist nature of the reforms. In a recent Quadrant article, Dr. Kevin Donnelly elaborates on the justified concerns surrounding the Commonwealth review of school funding. We encourage you to read the article for a comprehensive analysis.