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Examples of local and overseas think-tanks with an education focus that are worthwhile visiting include:

  • Australia's Centre for Independent Studies.  The Sydney-based  think-tank champions limited government and a free enterprise economy.  Jennifer Buckingham undertakes valuable educational research in areas like school choice, accountability and rewarding teacher performance.
  • New Zealand's Maxim Institute. Based in Auckland, the Maxim Institute undertakes research in a wide range of policy areas, including education, and provides an insightful and well researched perspective on New Zealand developments.
  • The U.S. based Thomas B. Fordham Institute.  Led by Chester E. Finn, Jr, this independently minded think-tank undertakes useful, timely and scholarly research into areas like charter schools, national educational standards, teacher performance and international 'best-practice'.
  • The Core Knowledge Foundation led by E.D.Hirsch Junior.  Sol Stern, in New York's City Journal, provides a succinct and comprehensive account of Hirsch's work in education.  Hirsch argues for cultural literacy and a belief that education must deal with the essential knowledge, understanding and skills associated with a liberal view of education.
  •  The U.S. based Cato Institute.  The model of education advocated is one based on school choice, minimal government interference and empowering those at the local level.
  • The London based think-tank Civitas 

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