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Kevin has published 4 education books, including:

  1. Why Our Schools are Failing (2004, Duffy & Snellgrove)
  2. Dumbing Down (2007, Hardie Grant Books),
  3. Australia's Education Revolution: How Kevin Rudd Won and Lost the Education Wars (2009, Connor Court), and his most recent,
  4. Educating your child: it's not rocket science (2012, Connor Court Publishing)

While Why our schools are failing and Dumbing Down are out of print copies of Australiaís Education Revolution plus Educating your child: itís not rocket science are still available hard copy (see below). An E-reader copy of Dumbing Down is also now available for PC and Mac from Amazon, kobobooks and iTunes.

Kevin has also written a book titled Taming the Black dog that deals with depression and adversity. Life was never meant to be easy, as a famous politician once said, and tragedy and loss can strike at any time. Losing a loved one unexpectedly and without reason, facing family hardship or a crisis at work are events that can touch anyone of us. But, there are ways to be resilient and to overcome adversity and pain and to lesson the impact of depression In this short book Kevin writes about how literature, religious faith and the love and comfort of family and friends can help one to find a safe shore after the storm tossed seas. While there is no closure - there is hope and a chance to live life to the full. The book is available either in hard copy or as an E-reader (see below).

Kevin's most recent book is also available for purchase (see below)

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Educating your child: itís not rocket science
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Are you a good parent and what is the best way to raise your child?

Australia's Education Revolution
Price: $25.00

Australiaís Education Revolution: How Kevin Rudd won and lost the education wars


Dumbing Down


Taming the black dog
Price: $20.00


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20th September 2015

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