Julia Gillard, the Commonwealth..
29th October 2009

Julia Gillard, the Commonwealth Minister for Education, recently released a report arguing for greater school autonomy.  Something I have also argued for over the years and in the most recent book I suggest:

There is an alternative to Rudd’s education revolution.  Instead of government and bureaucrats controlling schools, they should have the freedom and flexibility to manage themselves.  All schools, government and non-government, should have the power to hire, fire and reward staff, to manage their own budgets, to set their own curriculum and to best meet the needs and aspirations of their communities.

While a certain amount of oversight is necessary, in areas like health and safety, financial probity and minimum curriculum standards, schools should be self-regulating.  It is also vital that school choice is supported and that more parents are given the financial means to choose between different schools.


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Bruce Manning says:
It is not given to Julia Gillard to understand or to accept the incontrovertible truth that, though her Education agenda might well admit of implementation, it can never ultimately succeed.  It is nothing more than a tired-out re-run of failed, Socialist Education initiatives, tried during the last century, each ultimately imploding in upon itself, the only tangible effect being the widespread societal pain created between its inception and collapse.  Gillard, like so many others, does not realise that the existence (the tragedy?) of patricians and plebeians - roughly about 40% and 60% - is genetic, not culturally societal, so 're-education' can't make this fact go away.
Bruce Manning, Qld. (The Smart State)



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29th October 2009

Julia Gillard, the Commonwealth Minister for Education, recently released a report arguing for greater school autonomy.  Something I have also argued for over the years and in the most recent b...
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